Interesting Woman

A woman with a positive attitude who likes to get out there and do things.  One who is open-minded and genuinely interested in people.  She enjoys meeting new friends trying new things, learning from others and having new experiences.  She wants to live life and be interesting!

                                     - Randa

Who We Are
  • We are like minded interesting women (see definition above) who like to get together and do interesting things!

  • We meet in small groups usually 6 - 10 people.

  • Our ages span from the early 30's to retirement age and we come from all walks of life and economic backgrounds.

  • MOE's (see definition below) curate special events that we can participate in.


  • As a member, we participate in as few or as many events per month as we would like. **Many events are free to members**

  • We started out in mid-Michigan but are expanding into New England in 2019.

  • At this time, most of our experiences take place in the greater Detroit, Flint and Ann Arbor areas of Michigan.

Philanthropy - We are establishing a League of Interesting Women scholarship fund that will be awarded to a college-bound woman in spring 2019.  We want to empower young women to take time to do interesting things while getting their formal education.

What is a MOE?

  • MOE's are volunteer leaders who organize events and experiences and then make all who attend feel welcome.

  • MOE's usually curate events that they are interested in themselves and then invite other members to join them.

  • Our MOE's go out of their way to make their event interesting and unique. - Possibly meet the Chef that's preparing your meal or get a backstage tour at the theatre!

M = Moderator, Manager, Mother
EEvent, Experience
Interested in being a moe?
Our MOE's are the best! They have fun, have GREAT perks and earn rewards.

are you ready to make a difference?

Meet the MOE's

IMG-1341 (1).PNG


Randa is self-employed and with her non-traditional work schedule, enjoys curating events for both day and evenings.



Erin is an administrator for a MI-based manufacturing company by day and super MOE by night.  She has unique and amazing ideas and she gets things done!  



Linda is semi-retired and also a small business owner.  Although up for almost anything, Linda is an expert in the art of conversation and manages intelligent social events in the Macomb, MI area.



The upcoming queen of our New England experiences...Mikel is a professional event planner.  Full of energy and amazing ideas, everything Mikel does is FUN!



Marlena is formerly a lawyer and currently, an accountant.  She has a zest for travel and a love of fine arts.  When she isn't crunching numbers or crafting - she's spending quality time with interesting women in the Holly, MI and Dayton, OH areas!