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'Tis the Reason for the Season...

Since we are entering the season of giving - this month we have decided to feature the Fenton, MI based organization Faith in Femininity. When you read on, you will understand why.


"Faith in Femininity is a mission to give impoverished women power over their periods."

What does that mean exactly? Well...I asked that myself and after talking with 4 of the most dynamic young people I have ever met, I found out.

We were told of this local organization, Faith in Femininity, and our curiosity was peaked so last week Erin and I met with their team to find out more. Lindsey and Waverly, co-founders and co-presidents had learned of an organization (in another area) that provided feminine sanitary products, for FREE to underserved women.

After further research, they found out that there are many, many women right here in the Flint, MI area who do not have consistent regular access to these BASIC NECESSITIES to manage their periods. They decided to take action and Faith in Femininity was born.

Lindsey, Waverly, Maris and Madeline oversee the business, coordinate the fundraising, purchase product in bulk, organize a volunteer team to help put together their packs (which contain enough pads, tampons and panty liners for one monthly cycle along with information on Toxic Shock Syndrome and an empowering Bible verse) and work with local community outreach programs who put these supplies in the hands of women in our area.

The problem to solve - there are women in our community that do not have access to sanitary products to manage their periods and are being put at risk for infection, causing them to miss work and school and further stigmatizing them. Medicaid does not cover these costs and Michigan does not have any state program to help subsidize these expenses. To top it all off...did you know that tampons have an additional "luxury" tax? The cost associated to having your period, a normal body function without which none of us would exist, is forcing women in our community to seek out alternative options resorting to using socks, paper towel and reusing tampons (putting themselves at risk for infection and TSS) because they do not have access to the supplies they need. Is that crazy?

The solution – Faith in Femininity.