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I was once gifted a tea cup that said "Cherish forever what makes you unique & share the things that make you smile." This very quickly became my favorite mug, favorite quote and the motto for my life. I'm a mover and a shaker who loves to try new things. I never turn down an opportunity to discover a new place, make new friends or learn new skills.

I grew up in Fenton, MI and after a short time away, for college, travelling and awesome adventures, I once again reside in this fun little town with my husband, Tim and our fur-baby, Bailey. I am very passionate about helping others and love to give back to my community.

When I'm not working (or saving humanity) I enjoy crafting, sewing and baking delicious goodies. Because I also like to eat said goodies, I practice yoga and ballet. Traveling and planning adventures is my passion. I love hosting events and watching the magic unfold as new acquaintances become friends, who now share the memory of a fun and Interesting new experience, that will bond them together forever.

I hope to share the things that have made me smile along the way and meet you on my next Interesting adventure.

Erin Rae Baker

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